A99 Munich

Bridge removed in record time

Bernhard Jesner, Martin Lechner

The A99 bridge over the Isarkanal: Removal of bridge superstructure: Salzburg-bound carriageway (Image: PORR AG)

As part of the 8-lane upgrade to the A99 (Munich's orbital motorway), PORR’s Salzburg branch is building two new bridge superstructures over the Mittlere-Isarkanal. The first stage of the demolition work was completed on schedule at the end of February. Order volume is around EUR 15 million.

In November 2017, PORR was commissioned to construct the replacement motorway bridge superstructure. The carriageway for traffic toward Salzburg was demolished in February, and the new structure will be ready for traffic by July 2018. Over the following year, to July 2019, the necessary steps will be taken to construct the new second carriageway and create the traffic infrastructure beneath the two ramp areas.

Removal of the existing three-girder (76m long and 27m wide) structure presented a particular challenge. The work was carried out while traffic circulated and also had to comply with strict environmental measures to protect the Isarkanal. The work was led by the Salzburg branch of PORR Bau GmbH, in coordination with PORR Design & Engineering GmbH. It was built to the complete satisfaction of the client in less than five days.

In light of the tight deadline, work for the new bridge superstructure is already well under way.

Project data

Employer Autobahndirektion Südbayern
Contractor PORR Bau GmbH . Salzburg branch and PORR Design & Engineering GmbH
Project type Infrastructure . Bridge building
Project scope Removal and new construction of both bridge superstructures
Start of construction November 2017
End of construction July 2019
Country Germany

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