Frankfurter Allee 135 quarter

A new landmark in the Berlin borough of Lichtenberg

Nicole Stiegler

The distinctive office tower will be the highlight of the new quarter. (Image: Baumschlager Eberle)

The regional branch of PORR in Berlin is building a new quarter in the German capital, not far from Lichtenberg city hall and bordering on the district of Berlin-Mitte. In addition to 251 rental apartments, a 65m office tower and a number of commercial spaces have been commissioned by HOWOGE housing association at Frankfurter Allee 135. Completion is scheduled for May 2020.

The contract comprises planning stages 1 to 5 (in accordance with HOAI, the German Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers) and the turnkey construction of the innovative residential and office quarter. The 18-storey tower and building sections A and B will cover a plot of around 46,840m². Flats will be built over a 14,510m² area, and commercial spaces will cover another 1,734m². The office complex will feature a high-rise building with flexible office spaces over a total floor area of 14,870m². The underground garage will provide 145 parking spaces. Both the high rise and the adjacent building sections will be constructed in reinforced concrete. The plot borders on the park surrounding Lichtenberg city hall, with a slight height offset, and a public park with a listed fountain complex.

Combined with the cafés and restaurants already in existence, the new quarter will enrich the district of Lichtenberg.

Project data

Employer HOWOGE housing association
Contractor PORR Deutschland GmbH
Project type Building construction . Residential construcition . Retail
Architect Baumschlager Eberle Architekten
Project scope Planning and construction of a residential and office quarter including 251 rental apartments, a 65m office tower, commercial spaces and 145 parking spaces
Gross floor area 46,840m², under and above ground
Start of construction Spring 2018
End of construction May 2020
Country Germany

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