Airport redevelopment in Romania

PORR Construct renovates Transylvania Târgu Mures Airport

Harald Metzinger

In the autumn of 2017, PORR started the renovation work at the airport, which was closed in 2016 due to the run-way’s bad conditions. (Image: Zi de Zi – Ligia Voro )

PORR Construct has signed the contract for the rehabilitation and enlargement of the runways of the Transylvania Târgu Mureș Airport. The first international flight on the newly renovated airport is scheduled for July 2018.

The airport was built in 1961 and during the modernization in 1969 the existing 1,300m grass runway was enlarged to a 2,000m concrete runway. In 1999 the runway was enlarged to 45m width. Since November 2016 the airport was closed due to the bad condition of the runway.

PORR Construct started the works in September 2017 with the repairing of the existing concrete platform. New asphalt layers will be laid on the existing platform. The same time the drainage system will be renewed on the whole runway and the electrical network and the beaconing system will be renewed.

The awarded works consists of repairing of the 2,000m long and 45m wide taking-off/landing runway and associated shoulders as well as the restoration of the 131m long and 23m wide taxiway Bravo. In addition, a connection between the existing taxiway Alfa to the ruway on a length of 25m is made. The modernization of the 170m long and almost 87m wide APRON 1 is also included in the order.

Project data

Employer Country Mures
Contractor PORR Construct S.R.L.
Project type Special skills . Airport construction
Project scope Rehabilitation and enlargement of the runways
Start of construction September 2017
End of construction Summer 2018
Country Romania

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