Austrian Parliament Building in new glory

General refurbishment of the historic building

Bernhard Kazda

Austrian Parliament Building, Vienna (Image: PORR AG)

In February, the bidding consortium of PORR and Pittel+Brausewetter was awarded the contract to oversee the general refurbishment of the Austrian Parliament building in Vienna. Following a marathon tender and award process, the consortium prevailed as the best bidder for the extensive construction services, with a contract value of EUR 55.8 million.

The Austrian Parliament Renovation Act, decided in 2014, comprises the general restoration and expansion of the building which, now more than 130 years old, is subject to stringent conservation orders. In addition to extensive restoration and retrofitting, plans for the building also include further expansions, with more areas open to the public in line with the con-temporary spirit of transparency and openness.

The main technical challenges lie in expanding and further developing the basements. Both the levels beneath the Colonnad-ed Hall and the interior of the Federal Assembly and National Council Chambers require considerable underpinning in order to preserve the historic building.
Construction work is set to be completed in Autumn 2020. The building is scheduled to reopen in March 2021.

Project data

Employer Parlamentsgebäudesanierungsgesellschaft m.b.H.
Contractor PORR Bau GmbH in a consortium with Pittel+Brausewetter Holding GmbH
Project type Building construction . Revitalisation
Project scope Gerneral refurbishment and extension of the historic parliament building
Start of construction February 2018
End of construction March 2021
Country Austria

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