The S7 expressway

PORR is constructing two new bridges in the south of Poland

Przemysław Osowski

The new expressway from the north to the south of Poland. (Image: PORR AG)

The roughly 700km expressway S7 in Poland will form a north-south axis linking the urban centres of Gdansk, Warsaw and Krakow. PORR S.A. has been awarded the contract for the construction of two bridges on the southern section of the expressway near Zakopianka. Bridge no 18 will be 425m long and will be constructed using the place and thrust method, while a formwork carriage will be used for bridge no 21, which is to be 992m long.

The mountainous terrain and at times severe weather conditions, with long winters, frequent squalls and regular downpours, all combine to make the construction work a real challenge. The topographical conditions also necessitate the use of complex structures and new, innovative technologies. Automatic climbing formwork, for example, will be used to construct the y-columns, the 24m temporary columns and the 43m piers. PORR's engineers have designed a new cross-beam system especially for this purpose. This system will also be used for future, similar projects. In order to be prepared for every eventuality, all transportation and assembly methods were tested beforehand under challenging meteorological and geological conditions.

The use of new technologies and methods in the construction of these two bridges in the south of Poland has already attracted great interest in professional circles.

Project data

Employer Salini Impregilo Spa
Contractor PORR S.A.
Project type Infrastructure . Bridge building
Project scope Construction of the supporting structure for bridge no 18 (place and thrust method) and construction of bridge no 21 (with a combination of the methods used to construct suspension bridges and the in-situ method, using a formwork carriage).
Start of construction October 2017
End of construction April 2019
Country Poland
Working on the bridge construction. (Image: PORR AG)

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