Redevelopment of the A2 Südautobahn

Renovation of 280,00m² of road surface

Harald Schön

The redevelopment work on the A2 is to be completed by 2020. (Image: PORR AG)

The Lower Austria and Styria branches of PORR Bau GmbH are renewing a 14.3km long section of the A2. PORR awarded the EUR 30 million contract from ASFINAG.

In the redevelopment area, the carriageways in both directions, including bridges and the Königsberg tunnel, will be repaired on an area of 280,000m². The project also comprises the repair of 25 bridges which will have to be newly sealed and provided with new edge beams. In the Königsberg tunnel, the concrete inner casing of the tunnel is to undergo extensive repairs and the tunnel lining renewed. In addition, several kilometres of noise barrier will be replaced or repaired in both directions.

The project also includes the renewal of the ramps and the feeder road for the main interchange at Edlitz with the bridges A2.R10, A2.R11 and A2.R12. Renovation of the ramps and the feeder road for the main interchange at Krumbach also consti-tutes part of the project.

Project data

Employer ASFINAG
Contractor PORR Bau GmbH . Lower Austria and Styria branches
Project type Infrastructure . Traffic route construction
Project scope Renewal of a 14.3km section of the A2 motorway
Start of construction 2018
End of construction 2020
Country Austria

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