Baloise Park in Basel

PORR SUISSE builds group headquarters and office building with a training center for Basler Versicherung

Franziska Pfennich

A glimpse of the future: This is how Baloise Park in Basel will look by the end of 2019. PORR SUISSE is building the head-quarters (left) and office building with training center (right). (Image: Basler Versicherung)

PORR SUISSE AG has entered the market in Basel with the construction of the Insurance Group headquarters and training centre, adjacent to the SBB railway station.

As the full service general contractor for this project, PORR SUISSE AG is planning and constructing the new headquarters and training center of Basler Versicherung’s three-piece building ensemble. The urban development concept follows a proposal from the architectural firm of Miller & Maranta. The contract volume is around CHF 105 million, about EUR 91 million. Con-struction work began in early 2018. Turnkey handover is expected by the end of 2019.

The future headquarters building of Basel Versicherung, with a gross floor area of 12,000 m², was designed by Basel archi-tects Diener & Diener. The rectangular-shaped building will be 34m high. The eight office floors are designed to look like four, as only every second ceiling division is visible in the facade. PORR SUISSE is responsible for realizing the entire Baloise Group headquarters project, including completion of the interior. The plan includes office spaces, meeting rooms, lounges and service facilities, a restaurant area and an art installation on the ground floor, as well as car parking in the basements. The training centre, a ten-storey building, was designed by the Grisons-based architect Valerio Olgiati. It will be around 42m high with a reddish-brown coloured perforated concrete facade. An atrium building is included in the plans, to bring light into the roughly square floorplan measuring around 40m along each side. Areas for the training centre, an energy centre and car parking are envisaged.

Project data

Employer Basler Versicherung / Baloise Holding AG
Project type Building construction . Office
Project scope Construction of a 34m and a 42m high office building with a training centre st Baloise in the lower floor
Start of construction January 2018
End of construction 2019
Country Switzerland

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