Rhine bridge in Leverkusen

Rhine bridge in Leverkusen Demolition and new construction of one of the busiest bridges in Germany

Stephan Otto

PORR Deutschland GmbH has been charged with the demolition and new construction of the new Rhine bridge on the A1 near Leverkusen. (Image: Straßen.NRW )

The North Rhine-Westphalia Roads Agency has awarded PORR Deutschland GmbH the tender for the demolition, new construction and expansion of the motorway bridge A1 Dortmund/Koblenz over the River Rhine. Completion is scheduled for 2024. The tender is worth around EUR 360 million.

The Rhine bridge is one of the busiest motorway bridges in Germany. A significant amount of the long-distance traffic on the A1 towards Belgium and France goes over the bridge. The A1 bridge is around 50 years old, has six lanes and is used by 120,000 vehicles a day; it has now reached the limits of its capacity. Following completion, the capacity of the bridge will increase from six to eight lanes – this figure even swells to twelve in some parts when slip roads are included.

Up to six standard lanes and one hard shoulder are planned for the two adjoining structures. Added to this is a 3.25m-wide lane for cyclists and pedestrians on each side. The first part of the new construction will be built to the north, directly be-side the existing bridge. Traffic will flow over the first half of the new construction upon completion at the end of 2020. HGVs in particular will then be able to cross the Rhine again. The second part of the bridge will be erected in the same place, thereby ensuring the flow of traffic during the entire construction period. Completion of the second part of the bridge is set for the end of 2024.

The demolition and new construction of the bridge over the Rhine will require PORR to apply its entire knowhow. In a close cooperation of the well-coordinated team of civil engineers, PORR Umwelttechnik GmbH and the subsidiaries Stump Spezialtiefbau GmbH and PORR Oevermann GmbH all construction services will be provided from a single source.

Project data

Employer Germany
Contractor PORR Deutschland GmbH
Project type Structual engineering . Foundation construction . Earthworks . Environmental engineering
Project scope Demolition and new construction of the Rhine bridge in Leverkusen including the K35 ramp
Start of construction October 2017
End of construction 2024
Country Germany

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